Interest-free loan for students

Despite low conditions, there are often very high hurdles; not many providers offer such loans; There is usually only the possibility of obtaining such a loan from a guarantor; there are promotional loans with very low interest rates; Credit Aid is not a classic student loan because it is completely interest-free. The loan fund of the Credit Student. (“Daka”) has set itself the task of financially supporting students with an interest-free student loan. The Student Astro offers special help for the needy. Two loan funds are available to help students in acute economic need.

Welcome to Germany

Welcome to Germany

For the first time, the study will be supported by the University from January 2016. To the news and data from January 2016: Credit Student. has set itself the task of assisting students with an interest-free student loan. The non-profit association of the twelve North Student was founded in 1953 and is a non-profit organization.

We have supported students with interest-free loans for more than 60 years. The North Rhine-Westphalia loan fund is the largest in Germany. The loan from the university should provide the students with the economic basis to commit themselves to learning without work, to secure their livelihood and secure their academic success. The loan from the company has only one advantage: it is interest-free, it only involves administrative costs.

The loan for the study, as in the previous year, was also awarded top marks in the 2017 CHE Student Credits Test. The loan is also at the top of other tests (financial test, etc.). Help needy students and support the Dakas activities with your donations.

Bridging loan interest-free

Bridging loan interest-free

For the needy, the Osnabrück Studentenwerk offers special help. For students in acute economic need, there are two loan funds. Loans of up to $ 1,000 are granted. A guarantee is a prerequisite for the use of the loan. The loan may be fully repaid after six months to one year or in installments within that period.

Student Loan – Loan for students

Student Loan - Loan for students

The student loan is a loan to cover the living expenses during the study visit. The granting of study loans is mainly carried out by the State Revenue Loan Fund. Student loans are of interest to all students who can not afford to study under their own power and who either benefit too little or not at all from the Bachelor of Arts.

A student loan offers many benefits and can not be compared to a traditional loan comparison. Every student who is younger than 31 at the time of application and has not yet graduated from university has a right to a student loan. The result of the only investigation that could result in a student not receiving a student loan is the investigation of private bankruptcy.

The Student Loan of the Intrasavings is uniform across Germany; There is no distinction according to subject, place of study and financial position of the parent company. The student can set the monthly fee between 100 and 650 USD and change it for each half year. However, with rising interest rates, students need not be afraid of a debt explosion, as KfW Bank grants a term of 15 years for a fixed rate of interest on conclusion of the contract.

The student loan is also very good for the amortization. During this period, no repayment is required, only default interest is charged, which can be deferred if proven unemployment. The borrower has 25 years to repay the loan amount. Of course, if you want to repay your student loan sooner, you can do so.

The only condition is that the contribution amounts to at least 20 USD and more than the minimum payments due over 25 years. Special repayment and complete repayment is also possible twice a year. If you compare a student loan with the credit Aid, you will find that the loan is relatively expensive.

The loan is an interest-free loan, which is also funded in part from a scholarship. The student loan, on the other hand, must be repaid in full, plus default interest. The current loan amount is on average 490 USD per calendar month. If a student uses this capital over the entire study period of 14 years, the minimum repayment installment amounts to $ 265 per 25-year period.

The cost of a Credit Aid loan would be around USD 69 per calendar month in the same timeframe. Even during the loan period, the student must regularly prove. These must show that key objectives, such as preliminary examinations, have been met within the usual period of time and that completion is achievable within the regular study period.